Reef diving in Cozumel

martes, 29 de octubre de 2013

About what I do...

I graduated in graphic design and also studied Automotive Design, but I have been  working as User Experience specialist for 3 years.
So, I've started designing things like posters, brochures, logos, etc. and then I´ve moved to web design.
I worked on web design for 3 years, after that, I studied UX. We can say that de UX  is relatively new or a new trend in Software Developing.
The main goal of UX is the improve of application usability and the user´s satisfaccion when they are interacting with the app.
Its a real challenge  because we have to fill the expectation of many kind of roles who think very different from each other, and the final product must have many features like nice look&feel, be useful, and the most important: achieve the objetive!

jueves, 10 de octubre de 2013

About me

Hi, my name is Luis I'm 32 years old, and I'm Graphic Designer.
I'm from Corrientes, Argentina but I live in Buenos Aires since 8 years ago.
I used to play basquetball but now my favorite sport is recreational diving. and I play soccer twice a week with my pals from work.

I have a Girlfriend, her name is Vivi, and despite we aren´t married, we are going to have a Baby a baby Girl. My Girlfriend is in the 4th month of pregnancy, and I´m looking forward to know my baby. Vivi is from Corrientes too, and we expect to have our baby there too.